The Pastor of Disaster (revfish) wrote in hogwarts4sort,
The Pastor of Disaster

That didn't take long....

I have just discussed this with the Deputy Headmaster, and we decided to add a new way to get House points. It is along the idea of the icon submissions but more intensive.

If you want to put up photomanipulations you have done regarding Harry Potter. Especially welcome are pics from the upcoming movie where the cast has been announced and dream casting the future movies. Maybe find the perfect Umbridge and put her in the world.

The points given per entry will range from 50 to 200 depending on quality, creativity, and originality. Judging will be done by myself and the Deputy Headmaster and points awarded thusly.

As an example, I give you the shot I did of Brendan Gleeson as Professor Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody that I posted a while back.

That pic would have gotten 150 points as it obviously (to someone who knows Photoshop) took quite a while to do but is not perfect. A perfect 200 will equal brilliance and a level of quality that rivals the films such as Buckbeak in the last one.

If you can submit the orignal photo/s with the modified one, even better.

Lastly, this is an all-ages community, so no porn. there is also that nagging problem that all of the kids in the films are minors so making them look indecent is also somewhat illegal.

I hope to see some creativity out of you all, especially those of you who are running behind.

Fish * Headmaster
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