Tabetha (trivher) wrote in hogwarts4sort,

Little Sister

A few days I saw this on The Harry Potter Lexicon .....
Hermione has a younger sister, whose name has not been given (WBD). Rowling has commented that it is perhaps too late to even include this other character at such a late date in the stories, so we'll see...
Which made me wonder if this character does appear in the series.  Do you think she'd be a witch like her sister?  Lily was a muggle-born witch and her sister has no magic power.  However both Colin & Dennis Creevy are muggle-born wizards.
What house do you think she would be in?  She could be much like her sister and sorted into Gryffindor.  Or perhaps Ravenclaw because Hermione and her parents as well seem quite intelligent.  Perhaps Slytherin with determintion to prove she is not her older sister.
Any thoughts, comments?
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