splewz (splewz) wrote in hogwarts4sort,

Sort me!

1. Name: Wayne
2. Age: 19

Remember to explain WHY on all of these!

3. Who is your favorite Hogwarts teacher? Hagrid - He's just a nice down to
earth lovable guy (like me!)
4. Who is your favorite character in Harry Potter? Ron Weasley - he's the
goofy, funny kid that everyone under estimates.
5. Who is your least favorite character in Harry Potter? I don't care much
for Dumbledore. He is a wise man, but quite honestly I'd fear him.
6. What do you feel is your best quality? My personality - I have a nice,
friendly, caring and genuine attitude almost all of the time.
7. What trait most annoys you about other people? Most definitely people
who are rude or unkind.
8. What would you see in the Mirror of Erised(be direct)? I would see
myself with the family I want. We'd be accepted by all, and we'd be rich.
9. If you were an animagus, what would you turn into?(Assuming that the
animal reflects the person, it is not chosen)
A cat. Cats choose who they
love and respect, they don't allow their owners to choose for them. Cats
have an affectionate side, and a sometimes quite nasty side.
10. What makes a person respectable? Wit, knowledge, compassion.
11. What is your take on religion? I believe religion is something private
and personal (organized religion is not something I support).
12. What are your views on the Dark Lord? He's an evil, evil man. I'd be
terrified of him, that's for sure.
13. Would you have put your name in the Goblet of Fire? I don't think I
could. I'm not the bravest person.
14. Which house characteristics are most important to you? Loyalty,
intelligence, trust
15. What do you look for in a friend? Someone honest, caring, loveable,
fun, witty, intelligent, and daring.
16. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Not a
thing. I've spent a long time accepting me, and I wouldn't change one
17. What are your hobbies? Music, animals, anything culinary, reality
18. If your friend was attacked (by a person, animal, or (in the magic
world) beast), what would you do?
First I would panic. Shortly after, I'd
attempt to help them, and I'm sure I'd get attacked as well. I would at
least try to safe the friend, then get help (if I couldn't kill the
attacker). Then, I'd cry.
19. What is the one thing you would most like to accomplish? My dream is to
have my own successful restaurant. Definitely opening that and doing well.
20. Who is your role model? A lady I know who has always lived life how she
wanted, taken charge of her live, never settled for anything or anyone, and
lives live to have fun every day. She's truly an inspiration to me.
21. What do you want to do for a living? Have my own restaurant, be
successful, be my OWN boss.
22. Would you ever use an Unforgivable Curse for any reason? If it meant
saving a loved one, or even myself I think I would envoke an Unforgivable
23. Where did you find out about us? tidoubleg3rr
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