December 18th, 2004

grass, i am uncreative

Headmaster Post

Hello. I'm Ryan, your headmaster. I just cleaned out the community. It went from 112 users to 32 users.

Now, my monkeys, is the time to promote the community to your friends. With the new year will come many new changes to the community.

First of all, revfish has decided to resign. Moderating this community is a lot of work (or it was, and hopefully will be again once it grows) and I need a co-mod to help me boss the rest of you all around.

Now, there are a select few who I wish to interview for this position. I have three specific people in mind, two of them from Hufflepuff and one from Ravenclaw.

meredith_mae, you're my first choice. You've been active in this community from almost the very beginning. Will you accept a nomination for Deputy Headmistress?

Also, ANYONE WHO HELD A HOUSE HEAD/PREFECT JOB IS NOW JOBLESS. That's right -- you need to apply again. If you're interested in being a house prefect or head, post a comment to this entry and let me know.

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grass, i am uncreative

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meredith_mae is the new Deputy Headmistress! Please bid her welcome. Chocolate cake isn't necessary.

January 2005 will be when the next House Cup is held.

Favored House: Hufflepuff.

This means Hufflepuff is the house most likely to win... but can you beat them? Hufflepuff has been the favored house ever since the community began. The very first House Cup, September '04, they had quite a lead but were soon overtaken by those pesky Slytherins who were very outnumbered.

I want to get the rest of the positions filled by January, so please check the info and see if there's a position you're interested in open. Let me know somehow and I'll decide if you qualify for the job. I'm looking for people who have been around a while.

Please start inviting people! Points for your voting and pimpage will count towards your January total. May the best house win!