September 13th, 2004

grass, i am uncreative

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The results are in! _brokendreams__ has won the captioning contest for Ravenclaw, earning her house 150 points. Her caption was:

[Draco and Adrian] Angry glaring.

[Harry] Off camera. That's all right, Flint. You can have the pitch today. Besides, I have really good news.

[Marcus] In a growling tone. Excuse me?

[Harry] Off in the distance. I just saved a bunch of money on broom insurance by switching to Geico.

[Draco, Adrian, and Marcus] Blank stares.

Congratulations, _brokendreams__.

House Points will be announced my Headmaster revfish later tonight.
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Current House points standings as of the end of the caption contest

Ravenclaw 530
Hufflepuff 400
Gryffindor 210
Slytherin 165

It looks like Ravenclaw has a very defnite lead for the House Cup this months, but the Hufflepuffs aren't too far behind.

Congratulations to _brokendreams_ and the Ravenclaws.

Thank you to everyone who entered.

There will be another House competition for next month's cup. If you have ideas, please let me know and aidanenchanted and myself will come up with the details and put them out there.

A quick reminder, if you want to do icons for the school (and House points), they need to include hogwarts4sort, h4sort, or h4s prominently displayed in the icon. Remember, you will be representing your House and school. Icons such as just text (unless they are especially creative) will not earn your House much. The more creative and visually appealing, whether through animation, art, or humor, will help your House much more.

Thank you for your time.

Fish * Headmaster