September 8th, 2004

Point breakdown

Here is the breakdown of House Points since the change of management.

Ravenclaw - 380
Hufflepuff - 250
Gryffindor - 110
Slytherin - 65

It look slike Ravenclaw is in the lead for the House Cup. Slytherins, unless you pick up, it looks like the House Cup may be residing in slightly_87's office next month.

A couple reminders. It is very easy to get points for your House. Just voting for the new applications and remembering to put your name and House is an easy 10 points every time. There is at least one Head of House who has been forgetting. Referring people to the community (and making sure they put it in their application) is 100 points, which is what part of what put Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff ahead of the rest of the school.

Keep up the good work, people.

Fish * Co-Headmaster

(no subject)

It has just come to my attention that there were a few people who were never officially sorted into their proper Houses. I found three that were overlooked in the changeover.

I apologize and have sorted them. If anyone else has filled out their application and not been offically sorted, please let myself or aidanenchanted know so we can take care of it.

Thank you

Fish * Headmaster