September 2nd, 2004

Going offline for a BigAssHurricane(TM)

I will be going offline in the next few minutes, probably. I will be disconnecting the computer to move to safety. The hurricane watch is expected to be upgrade to a warning, which means that the hurricane is expected to hit within the next 36 hours.

I will be packing up the last of my library, DVDs, clothes and any irreplaceable stuff like photos and moving it to our storage unit throught the rest of the day and then settling into my in-laws house to ride out the storm. We may reconnect the computer over there. If so, I will update whenever possible

If you need to contact me, my cell number is 754-224-6123. I don't know how long it will be good as the towers may go down in the storm as well. Once it has officially passed, I will try to let everyone that we are OK, either through here or through other people's journals.

I appreciate everyones thoughts and prayers (and we could use all of those we can get), but only call if you must. I will be very busy and every minutes can count in a situation like this.

Hopefully aidanenchanted will be able to keep everything running smoothly by himself for the next few days or weeks (if it is really bad)

Settled in

We have gotten everything moved that we are going to. We have camped ourselves out in the inlaws house. We will be here through Saturday night at least. If the phone lines stay up, I will try to update as things progress.

We are safe and secure in a heavily shuttered house.

Good luck to anyone else out there in the coming storm. Hopefully we will have a home when this is all over.

I will follow the group and do my job as needed until I cannot anymore.