August 29th, 2004

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you are here...but why? :)


I was purusing through the entries and it looks like there hasn't been much discussion lately besides sorting lately. I thought maybe I'd throw a topic for discussion out there just to get some conversation going. :) Hey, I'm new and I thought it'd be nice to throw a few questions out there...

So I'll start simple, how's that? I just started reading Harry Potter this summer and I've already read the books 3 times already. I just can't help it! They're positively addicting! JK Rowling has a way with words that just pulls at me making me think "Okay, just one more chapter" then "Just a few more pages"--then before I know it, I've finished the 5th book and I'm starting back with the Philosopher's Stone again. It's more than just being taken to another world--it's about being taken to another state of being...if that makes any sense.

Here's my great questions--what is it about the world of JK Rowling that just has you so hooked that you've read the books millions of times, obsessed over the movies, and joined a LJ community (one of many, in some cases)? Why are you here--in a Harry Potter community? I thought that might be an interesting "getting-to-know-you" question...or the powers that be may just delete this post. Who knows? :)


~Liz (Hufflepuff)
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Attention all Hogwarts students

I would like to take this time for a few words.

Rebus, tart, cumulonimbus

Now that I have taken care of that, I have an announcement.

It is time for the first competition under the new management.

It will be a captioning contest.

Instructions are under the cutCollapse )

I expect to see all Houses participating fully.

Thank you,

Fish * Co-Headmaster

The competition will end on September 12th. Two weeks should be enough to come up with ideas. Points will be awarded soon after.

All comments have been removed and saved by the Headmaster as LJ was unscreening them. DOn't worry, they are saved but should only be viewable by the Headmasters.
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