August 27th, 2004

grass, i am uncreative

hello. (

Hi, I'm Aidan. I'm one of the new moderators, and I'm just saying hello. When I looked at the moderation que, there were about five or six post. I didn't really look at them, but if they're a bunch of bullocks let me know and I'll use my godly powers to delete them. B-) k. I'm not going to make many changes at all (none, really, but I thought saying "many" would sound like I'd actually be doing something, which in fact I am not) for the community... so yeah. :-)

The Hufflepuff prefect position is open. If you're a member of Hufflepuff and would like to be house prefect, please let revfish or I know. I'll let revfish be the judge, seeing as he is a member of Hufflepuff and I'm a nasty old Slytherin.

The rules are exactly the same as they were before... unless revfish wishes to make any changes, because I don't. Remember - voting is 5 points, and 10 points if you sign the vote with your name and house. :-)

That is all.
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