August 4th, 2004


Triwizard Tournament?

Guys – I know some of you are in the community that posted this so you have read this already, but I thought I’d post it here just in case and to see if anyone in our lovely H4S is interested:

I just copied this straight from the other comm…Collapse )

What do you guys think? I tend to think it’s a good idea myself!

Headmistress - if this is considered spam, i'll bend over and you can smack me ;) and then delete the post hehe.

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I am leaving for vacation tomarrow and wont return until Wednesday.
So if I'm not helping gain any points that is why.
I will soon have new icons to post soon, but I'm to lazy to finish them at the moment.
So see you all when I return from Wisconsin!

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Haha well there goes my fun filled summer. Yes kids school starts Monday. I am not saying my goodbyes or anything to the community, but I will be gone for a short while, or as soon as I have the start of school running smoothly. Just posting this so I am not named Squib or something.

Bye for a short while.

Tri§helle IÑ §lytheriÑ
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