August 3rd, 2004

Played the fool

Awarding of The House Cup and Presenting of the House Boy/Girl...

I want to first start off by saying thank you to everyone who's been active in the community and care about it enough to keep it alive. I appreciate it so much.

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This month we have a Head Boy! The Head Boy/Girl is a title we give every month to the highest scoring member in the community. I'm happy to say that this guy has really helped me a lot with the community and he's lead his house to greatness. Please give a round of applause for July 2004s Head Boy..

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A detailed point break down will be appearing in everyone's common room following this message to give you an idea on how things went down they way they did.

Also.. Contest results will be released either tomorrow or sometime today. My sister and I got into a fight so I need to get someone else to help me choose the winner so stay tuned for that.

Again.. I want to thank EVERYONE for putting so much time and effort into the community. It really makes a Headmaster like me proud.
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Played the fool

A list of the Squibs..

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Hufflepuff SquibsCollapse )

Slytherin SquibsCollapse )

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All named Squibs have been striked in the user info.

If any of the named Squibs above think they don't deserve to become a Squib for whatever reason feel free to comment to this post letting me know why.

In a week all named Squibs will be banned from the community.
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Searching for a new Hufflepuff Prefect...

A prefect's job is to help unite their house together, to build a sense of friendship, and to help the order of things. Prefects are basically in charge (No power hungry people now) of their house. They'll represent them and guide them. They'll moderate their common room and help promote activity among their house.

Prefects are not allowed to take points away from students but they are allowed to suggest it. Prefects are allowed to help in challenges.

(All comments are screened)

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Played the fool

Icon points coming back? Woah!

Someone suggested to make the community a little bit more active that we bring back the icon points. They also suggested that we just don't give points to EVERY icon.

So that's whats gonna happen. When icons are submitted to the community my sister and I each get to vote yay or nay. If we end up in a tie.. then I'll ask one of my friends who aren't involved in the community to vote.

Same rules still apply. The icons must have the community name on it (Hogwarts4Sort, H4Sort, H4S). You get 10 points for each icon that's been accepted.

Happy Icon Making. :D