July 29th, 2004

In a dream


... Oh wait. You can't do that at hogwarts. ^_^;;;

Oh well, it was a nice touch. ^_^ Well, I'm moved into my new house finally and have my computer and internet all set up. I'm still unpacking so I may not be on 24/7, but I will be around if anyone needs anything. Glad to see I haven't really missed much, though I am sad to see Cassi go. I hope that things will pick up again soon and we can really start having fun. I'm going to be working on some new icons, Harry Potter themed, though not necessarily H4S themed, though I can make versions with the initials on them if someone so wishes. I have a couple tucked away that I made during the couple of days without internet with what I could get ahold of, and I'll get it uploaded sometime tonight if I can. I'm sure someone will find it amusing. But for now, I'm off to unpack and try to pilfer the HP books up to my room to hide in my closet from my totally muggle-fied family. *nodnod*

Glad to be back!

~ Kamden : Slytherin Prefect
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