July 24th, 2004

Played the fool

Sort a friend..

Hey Everyone,

I was chatting with my friend of 3 years about the community I had on Livejournal and she really wanted to find out where she belonged. The bad part is that she doesn't have a computer so I've decided to write her answers while she dictated them to me.

I could have made her an account on Livejournal and submit it but I didn't want her to eventually become a Squib which would only hurt the house she gets sorted to.

Please, No one else do this for your friends because I don't want it to be a problem. Ex.. People faking them, etc etc etc.


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Hey everyone! I am not leaving this community or anything but I am going to camp for 3 and a half weeks. So don't take points away from Gryffindor or anything. Like I don't want to be a Squib or anything.
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