July 19th, 2004

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sorry its not that great but my computer was being gay and it was all it would let me do at that point in time but once i get it fixed i will make some better ones i promise!!! :)


-Caitlin , slytherin


What is the rules with the banners? Do they need to say something specific on them? Thanx. I plan to make banners now too along with icons <3. but I am going to bed now so good night.
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Played the fool


Please don't make an icon half assed just to win your house points. I've seen a couple icons that seemed to have been whipped up in a minute tops just to get house points.

Spend some time on your icons and make it worth the points. If I keep seeing people who aren't trying the points for the icons will not be an option anymore and I know some of you won't like that.
Played the fool


I'm going to pull the plug on giving people points for icons. I've had a couple different complain now how frankly some of the icons have been totally half assed and not deserving of points.

I'm too nice to say to someone "Your icon sucks. You won't receive any points". So to make it fair to everyone..

I'm afraid you won't earn anymore points for icons. Although, The submissions for the contest will still earn 10pts each and 150 for the winner.

If anyone has any other ideas on how to win points.. Feel free to comment to this post.

[EDIT]: You can still show off your icons. Just won't receive any points for them
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I've been here a little while now, I guess. I'm not one of the good kids putting up icons or suggesting things and being productive, though. I've realized that I'm kinda in the wrong place, because I'm not anywhere near diehard enough to be in here. I
ve read the books only once, seen the movies several times (not the 3rd one), but I don't know all that much compared to you all.

So yeah. I'll be leaving the community because I don't want to become a "squib" and make my house lose points. Thanks for taking the time to sort me and such.