July 18th, 2004


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Attention all Gryffindors: Please join our common room! We will discuss lots of things in there. I noticed there are still some who haven't joined so please do! Thanks!

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Squib announcement..

As I was going over my points sheet I realized that some people have absolutely no points which means they've done nothing for the community at all.

If by the time the end of the month comes (Where I announce the house cup and head boy/girl) and they still haven't received any points they will become a Squib. I will list them as a Squib in the user info and will deny them access to any part of the community.

We don't need inactives around here.

I hate to say this but.. for each person in a house that gets named a Squib.. points will be taken away from the house. I understand it's not your fault but you share in your failures.

As of right now.. There are these many people looking at becoming a Squib in each house..

Gryffindor: 5/14 = -36pts
Slytherin: 6/17 = -35pts
Hufflepuff: 8/18 = -44pts
Ravenclaw: 3/13 = -23pts

Total of Squibs: 22/62

Also, Remember if you feel that an applicant answered their questions just to get into a certain house.. feel free to cast your vote for Squib.

[EDIT]: I'm going to take the percentage on the Squibs/Students.. and that's how many I'll take away. For example.. 3/13 is 23% so 23 points would be taken away.


Well I finally have an animator/editor thing. So I made a few icons to get my house some more points. I am new at this so the icons aren't the greatest but I will experiment with some things the editor has and I will have "better" icons next time.
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Played the fool

Another way to earn lovely points..

Since this will make my job a lot easier.. If you add your name and house to your comments when you sort I'll give you an additional 5pts.

This will help you earn more points and will help me while giving points to people for sorting. (It's hard searching for which house someone belongs to)
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On another note...

On a close count and examination of our members lists, there are alot of Slytherins who have not joined the commonroom. We need to get in gear and get everyone registered so that everyone will be able to help our house get ahead. Get in gear people, we're the ambitious Slytherins! Get with the ambition! XP

~ Kamden : Slytherin Prefect
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