July 14th, 2004

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The Prefect Application

We're looking for four people to become prefects for the community. A prefect's job is to help unite their house together, to build a sense of friendship, and to help the order of things. Prefects are basically in charge (No power hungry people now) of their house. They'll represent them and guide them. They'll moderate their common room and help promote activity among their house.

Prefects are not allowed to take points away from students but they are allowed to suggest it. Prefects are allowed to help in challenges.

House Teachers are not allowed to become prefects.

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About points..

I just made an excel spread sheet for each house so I can keep track of all the points. It also gives me the ability to break down the points.. For example: Who's receiving the points and what category they're receiving points for.

I've decided that at the end of the month.. The person who receives the most points will become the Head Boy/Head Girl. It's just a title you'll hold for one month until someone else claims it.

These are the categories so far you can win points for:
Sorting: 5 points for everytime you sort someone
Graphics: 10 points for each graphic made
Challenge: 15 points for participating in the challenge
Other: Misc. things we decide to award points for (Promoting, etc)

The Head Boy/Girl will be decided in 1 month so you all have a chance to win it. Keep sorting and participating.

The person in the lead as of right now for Head Boy/Girl is.. slightly_87 with 80 pts for Hufflepuff.
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I was bored so..

I was really bored so I decided to award points for everyone who has participated in the sorting since the start of the community. It took me over an hour so you should all be proud, lol.

These are the current standings:

Gryffindor: 485
Slytherin: 250
Hufflepuff: 610
Ravenclaw: 340

Top Four in the running for House Boy/Girl:

_wintersunshine from Hufflepuff: 230
starofshow8907 from Hufflepuff: 150
trivher from Hufflepuff: 150
slightly_87 from Ravenclaw: 145
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New Rule..

Since we got a HUGE amount of people making icons (which is awesome).. I'm going to put into effect this new rule.

I will not award points for icons anymore that don't have Hogwarts4sort on them. I don't think it's really fair that some people (not saying anyone has done this) use the same icon for different communities to get them points.

So from now on.. Only icons with the community name on them will be awarded points. I encourage everyone to show their work if they want but only those with the community name on it will receive points.
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About Head Boy/Girl..

I had a couple people ask me what exactly does a Head Boy/Girl do. It's a very simple answer really.. The Head Boy/Girl really doesn't do anything. It's just a simple title of recognition for someone's dedication to the community. It's sorta like "Employee of the Month" at work or "Student of the Month" at school.

Each month the person with the most points (Student, Prefect, or Teacher) will be announced to the community, given a banner for their user info, and then will be placed under the Head Boy/Girl section in the communities user info.

Anyone who gets Head Boy/Girl should really be proud of themselves for all their hard work to the community.

Current House Points
Gryffindor: 485
Slytherin: 350
Hufflepuff: 825
Ravenclaw: 470

I also have decided I won't be revealing the Leader Board for House Boy/Girl anymore. I want it to be a bit of a surprise for the winner.

Oh one more thing.. Promote. Promote. Promote. I would really like to see this community grow and grow. If anyone lists you down in their sorting application (Where did you find us?) your house will be rewarded 100 points.

Surely that will get you all motivated.
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>_> Interesting...

It seems to me that Slytherin has a rather feminine affiliation. After carefully scanning through the members and getting to know a little about them I've concluded that every single member fancies men. >_> Maybe not exclusively, but they do. Say anything about Slytherin guys for you? *coughdracocough* =^.^=

Sorry if this is considering spamming. If so I'll take it down. Just an interesting fact I stumbled across.
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