July 13th, 2004

HBP theory!

okay i was thinking about it with my prior post. I never saw the title "half blood prince" as something that was to be taken literally, in fact, it sounded like more of an insult than anything, and besides, if there was actual royalty in the wizarding world relevent enough to the plot it would have been brought up in the previous books. Anyways, back to the insult thing. A main theme in CoS is that some people don't think that half bloods, or, mudbloods should be in Hogwarts. Who do we know that loves halfbloods, DUMBLEDORE. All througout the books slyherins refer to him as a mudblood lover and so on. So, I think that the title "half blood prince" is used as an insult, the same way as "weasley is our king" was used.

sorry if anyone else has said this

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Played the fool

Introducing the House Teachers...

I'm pleased to introduce you the three teachers that have been hired here at Hogwarts 4 Sort...

Gryffindor House Teacher: tiffione
Ravenclaw House Teacher: slightly_87
Hufflepuff House Teacher: trivher
Slytherin House Teacher: Position Still Open.

I didn't receive any applications from any Slytherins so that position is still open. If anyone from Slytherin is still interested in the job.. go here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/hogwarts4sort/12297.html to fill out the application.

I'll be contacting you teachers personally to talk to you about The Teachers lounge which you'll be given access to so you can discuss our first challenge!

That is all for now, folks.
Played the fool

Some buisness to take care of...

30pts to Slytherin for screams_in_dark's graphics
40pts to Ravenclaw for slightly_87's graphics
40pts to Ravenclaw for sprinkles06's graphics
40pts to Hufflepuff for purpledragon104's graphics
10pts taken from Slytherin for shadowdillusion's misconduct

Leader Board
Gryffindor: 0pts - You Gryffindor's need to catch up.
Slytherin: 60pts
Hufflepuff: 80pts
Ravenclaw: 120pts


I'm going to be awarding points to people who participate in the sorting now so make sure everyone participates in the sorting so you get more points for your house. It'll be 5pts to each person from the house that sorts.

I also just expelled the first person from Hogwarts4sort. This person has swore on many occasions and threatened people during the sorting process. This won't be tolerated here.