July 7th, 2004

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Sorry I am bored and have a desire to share useless infomation.

Thus far Ravenclaw and Gryffindor is number 1 house to be sorted into with 8 offically being sorted in each.
With 7 housemates Hufflepuff is in second place.
And rounding things of with 5 students is Slytherin
One has of this typing has not been officially sorted. Perhaps they'll break the Ravenclaw & Gryffindor tie. Or get Hufflepuff and make it a three way tie ;-)

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Hey Everyone..

I just finished catching up with the official sorting. Everyone so far should be sorted into a house. Your name will be appearing on the info page shortly.

Also.. We now have official banners we're going to use thanks to one of our members here. Thanks so much.

Also a member made some avatars for us to use...

Please remember if you're going to use any of the images that you save them to your own image serve so you don't waste my bandwith as well as someone elses. Thanks.
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About Prefects..

I've gotten several people who've asked numerous of times when the prefect applications are going to come out. I have decided to push back the date for when I'm going to put out the application for the prefects.

First I'm going to put out an application for house teachers. These people will be in charge of helping me come up with challenges that will earn house points. The teachers won't be allowed to participate in the challenges or help their house in anyway.

So keep an eye out for the application for house teacher.
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Information on Hogwarts Teachers

There will be 4 Hogwarts Teachers who will be the head of their respective house. The job and responsibility of a Hogwarts Teacher is to come up with challenges for the whole community to participate in to help them earn points.

A Hogwarts Teacher may not compete in any of the challenges or help any of their students either. Your job is just to come up with the challenges so everyone can fully participate in them.

Hogwarts Teachers may take away house points from any house for inappropriate behavior, lack of participation in the community, or cheating if they consult myself first.

Also Hogwarts Teachers aren't allowed to be prefects as well as any other position that may arise in the future.

Now on to the application...

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Please place the application in a comment for this post. Comments will be screened so no one can steal any of your ideas.
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Awarding of points..

heatherbeather and I decided that people's hard work to the community should be awarded so we've already given two houses points..

_wintersunshine earned Hufflepuff a total of 40pts. 10pts for each house banner she/he created for the community.

slightly_87 earned Ravenclaw a total of 40pts. 10 pts for each house icon she/he made for the community.

If anyone would like to make banners or icons for the community it would be highly apperciated. As you see.. it'll earn your house points. The banners and icons must be of good quality. We won't be awarding points to things that were just thrown together.

Current Standing
Hufflepuff: 40
Ravenclaw: 40
Gryffindor: 0
Slytherin: 0