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1. Name: sophia salknot

2. Age: 18

3. Who is your favorite Hogwarts teacher? i love all of the professors, and i try to see the good in all of them. i've always thought mad-eye moody had a certain 'cool' factor about him. mcgonagall is passionate and goodwilled. but i guess i'd have to say snape, or sevi as i like to call him. i think he is wonderful, and particularly admirable b/c of him being a former death eater. it's one thing to not be a death eater but to be a former death eater.. that is huge in my book. (i think he's going to take down you know who in book 7) he has experienced a lot in his life, from both sides, and even though he is emotionally handicapped, he still keeps on truckin, and i love that about him, he hasn't let his life turn to shit.

4. Who is your favorite character in Harry Potter? def. lucious malfoy (narcissa too). i like him because he is powerful, handsome, and just generally interesting. he has friends in high places and knows how to maintain his status (well..) he knows when to lay low, and he knows when it's time to step up. sometimes he can be a bit overly judgmental, but who isn't these days? actually i don't know why i've always been so drawn to him. i think he was well cast in the films also. i think it's cute how he is BFF with severus. i will always love this man, and i'm not ashamed of that anymore.

5. Who is your least favorite character in Harry Potter? the weasleys, from ginny on up. i think arthur or arnold or whatver the dad is, is a joke! the mom and ron are okay. the rest are squibbish. okay maybe i'm just complaining because i resent them. and i never aquired a taste for sirius. "prongs" and wormtail (also the name of my two fugly rats) are responsibile for the potters death. so whatev. sirius belonged in azkaban, and probably even his fate. no, actually they belong together.

6. What do you feel is your best quality? i think i'm a good listener. i have a lot of friends because i care about what is going on with them, and then try to help in any way possible. i generally do take interest in all my friends and want to help them strive for emotional stability.

7. What trait most annoys you about other people? i don't like when people are ridiculously cheap.

8. What trait in others do you admire the most?? i admire anyone who goes after what they want, even if it means breaking the rules, but not hurting anyone. i admire most all go-getters.

9. What would you see in the Mirror of Erised? if i were at hogwarts, a student, i would love to see myself with one of the hotties, like krum or a very much alive diggory. or if drako died, the malfoys could adopt me!

10. If you were an animagus, what would you turn into?(Assuming that the animal reflects the person, it is not chosen) a flesh eating bird. duh. who wouldn't love to fly.

11. What makes a person respectable? someone who builds their life according to them and no one else. a person who believes in themself.

12. What is your take on religion? i'm catholic, before the reformation!

13. What are your views on the Dark Lord? without darkness there wouldn't be light. (oops no that wasn't a relig- thing lolz) i guess he could be worse? i think he's pretty smart and cunning! duhh.. i don't know, i don't want you to autmoatically think slytherin.. but i find the history and rise/fall of voldemort to be very interesting and my favorite parts of the books. i don't know what to say here?.. yeah he sucks, but he is also my favorite part? what? i don't know?

14. Would you have put your name in the Goblet of Fire? heck yes. i love competition. i love taking risks, and i would probably love the atttention as terrible as that sounds. and especially if i were underage! would i die for a little fame.. probably so :/

15. Please state the single most important house characteristic (in your mind). cleverness, the love of learning. because i think that 'learning' is what is most important to us. exploring and discovery, change for the better, bettering our future..

16. What do you look for in a friend? someone who is fun to be around, and who is smart and creative. i love a creative mind to keep things interesting.

17. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? to be less selfish. i want to be as giving as dumbledore.

18. What are your hobbies? i love history and cooking. i like sneaking in loads of fat when i cook for my overly skinny friends. (or sneaking in things my family say they are allergic to, allergies are usually 95% false! they just like the attention, "i can't eat clams! i'll die!".. rubbish!)

19. If your friend was attacked in the magical world, what would you do? ..whatever would get me on the front of the daily prophet.

20. What is the one thing you would most like to accomplish? read book 6 without crying like a baby.

21. Who is your role model and why? in HP? filch. because he is a bigass squib and he must have gone through a lot because of it. i admire his strength and the fact that he is what he is. he's an outsider trying to fit in, something i can relate to. plus he takes care of hogwarts.. what would it be without him?! he keeps things in check, and the floors nice and shiny.

22. What do you want to do for a living in the magical world? Why? i've given this A LOT of thought.. i was thinking about ministry of magic, daily prophet, or even azkaban (i would like a day in the shoes of a dementor!). but i have settled on professor. i would love to teach the water magics and live in a house boat on the lake. just because they don't have that specifically and it would be fun doing integrated lessons with the other professors, you know?

23. Would you ever use an Unforgivable Curse for any reason? Why or why not? i'd like to think not. i'm sure it would have to be a very strong cirumstance. i don't think anyone would ever really deserve it.

24. Where did you find out about us? Please leave a specific username. i thought long and hard when all my friends figured themselves into a house. i couldn't, so i did a random search. and after all these years and countless online quizzes, i'm here.
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