minty (sweet_red_mint) wrote in hogwarts4sort,

1. Name: Ceri

2. Age: 13

3. Who is your favorite Hogwarts teacher? Probably Professor Flitwick because he's so fun and happy. And never seems to be in an awful mood like Snape. Plus, I would prefer Charms to basically any other class, maybe besides Care of Magical Creatures.

4. Who is your favorite character in Harry Potter? Eh, Ginny. She's not much of a main character, but she always seems to know what the latest news going around the school is. And she has managed to live through the time that she was possesed and helped Harry fight in the Department of Mysteries, even though she is a year younger.

5. Who is your least favorite character in Harry Potter? Cho Chang. To me, she never has become a HUGE part in the plot of any of the books. She just happens to interveen at the moments you least want to hear about her and her relationship with Harry. Plus, no body can seriously be that miserably that often and everytime Harry sees her.

6. What do you feel is your best quality? The fact that I never stop laughing and I'm always trying to see the glass as half full rather than half empty ^^.

7. What trait most annoys you about other people? When someone knows perfectly well they can do something but say they can't. Sort of like they are contradicting themselves. It just drives me crazy.

8. What trait in others do you admire the most? Someone's sense of humor that way they can ALWAYS cheer you up. I also like it when some people are intersted in what you say, despite the fact they think everything you say is absolutly BS.

9. What would you see in the Mirror of Erised? Myself as a well paid scientist. I have always liked sceince I guess. What else can I say? I'm not TOO greedy.

10. If you were an animagus, what would you turn into? I would probably be an animal that is always moving and always wants attention. So I would probably be a dog.

11. What makes a person respectable? If they can actually KEEP secrets, if they stay loyal to you (as a friend), and if they try to do well or at least accomplish anything they are working on.

12. What is your take on religion? Personally, I do have a religion I do not wish to share. And I believe strongly in this religion. But I am compleatly tolerant of every religion I know of. But really, I could care less about what kind of religion some one was.

13. What are your views on the Dark Lord? As a person, I think he is pretty awsome. But after all of the bad things he's done (like killing LOTS of people), I would say he is pretty nasty.

14. Would you have put your name in the Goblet of Fire? Well, number one, i'm not exactly old enough to even if i wanted to. But if I was old enough, I wouldn't have. It would be great fun to take apart of, but personally, I enjoy watching and cheering others on. I only enjoy danger and risk every now and again.

15. Please state the single most important house characteristic (in your mind). As in Hogwarts houses? Well, everybody in that house needs to get along and have something in commen which isn't exactly always clear. So I would say, having loyalty to others.

16. What do you look for in a friend? Loyalty (so they won't go off telling ALL of your secrets, and so they will STAY your friend), having the same interests, sense of humor and fashion (in some way), and a ton of other friends that I would probably enjoy spending time with. I also like friends that tell me their secrets as well!

17. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? The ability to control my laughter ^^. During my theater class, it is VERY hard to stay focused when something REALLY funny has just happened. I need to be able to stay "serious" longer I guess.

18. What are your hobbies? Eating food/candy, hanging out with friends, spending time with cats, going shopping, reading, watching tv, spending time online.

19. If your friend was attacked in the magical world, what would you do? I would find out where they were attacked and by who. They I would find help and the run off to help my friend fight the attacker (if the attacker is still around). So I would help and fight ^^.

20. What is the one thing you would most like to accomplish? In general? Well, probably becoming a counselor at a camp I REALLY LOVE going to. I have a TON of other things but my hand is getting tired.

21. Who is your role model and why? I don't really have much of a role model. I just sorta learn some things about a TON of people and sometimes I will base my ideas and thoughts and projects off of many people at one time.

22. What do you want to do for a living in the magical world? Why? I would be a curse breaker at Gringotts. It would be exciting and enjoyable. Possibly dangerous, but as it is a bank, it would probably pay off too. As I got older in the wizarding world, I would probably try and find a job at the Ministry of Magic. I would be interested in the top offices (like Minister) or The Magical Catastrophies Office (or what ever the name is)

23. Would you ever use an Unforgivable Curse for any reason? Why or why not? Probably not, unless I was defending myself. Which, concerning the jobs I would be interested in, I would probably never need to.

24. Where did you find out about us? Please leave a specific username. From a friend: sunset_illusion

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