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1. Name: Jaime
2. Age: 16
3. Who is your favorite Hogwarts teacher?
My favorite Hogwarts teacher is Professor Mogonagall because she teaches one of my favorite classes, and even though she’s quite strict, I can also see she’s understanding and kind. Also professor Lupin because he makes learning fun, we need more teachers like this.
4. Who is your favorite character in Harry Potter?
Hermione Granger because she is compassionate, smart, brave, she stands her grounds and speaks her opinions, everything I try to do and am.
5. Who is your least favorite character in Harry Potter?
Professor Umbridge, my god I hope I never cross a person like that in my life. Mainly because she’s so dang anxious. It was really funny when Fred and Gorge pulled all those jokes on her!
6. What do you feel is your best quality?
I have three I must state because with out one of these you wouldn’t get t o know the real me:
Loyal: I am loyal to my friends and family because I love them and try to bring them no harm and I can be trusted.
Kind: I am very nice too most people the only time I might not be is if they had upset my friends or me.
Brave: I think I would be very brave if the situation called for me to be, and I am very proud of this, as well as my other two traits I listed above.
7. What trait most annoys you about other people?
The trait that most annoys me about other people most likely would have to be if a person was full of them selves, self centered or coincided in some kind of way. Like the people who think their better then everyone else, and wont help anyone bellow them. I just don’t think it’s right.
*What trait in others do you admire the most?
Bravery, some one who is brave can stick up for themselves and for others, which is a fantastic and useful trait to have.
8. What would you see in the Mirror of Erised (be direct)?
This is hard because unlike Harry I wouldn’t know what my truest deepest desire would be, I know it wouldn’t be something materialistic it would be truly important but what it is I just don’t know, I’m sorry I cant be direct. I’m sure if I had lived in the magic world my whole life this may have been easier because I would have different dreams then living in my world right now.
9. If you were an animagus, what would you turn into? (Assuming that the animal reflects the person, it is not chosen)
Well I took a very informative animagus quiz much like all these questions and he/she said I was most fit as A Peters Davids Deer. I might be a Cat/kitten maybe because the traits fit quite well.
10. What makes a person respectable?
A person who is polite and has good qualities and manners is my definition of respectable.
11. What is your take on religion?
I don’t think it means you have to go to church every Sunday or say grace at every meal, to me it means you have to have faith.
12. What are your views on the Dark Lord?
Only bad thoughts come to my mind when I answer this question here. He’s beyond evil and so are his follower, I can’t put to words how to express my hate towards him.
13. Would you have put your name in the Goblet of Fire?
I would it would be vary dangerous but if I was old enough I think I would. Then again I might not because I think I would only take a life or death risk (keeping in mind anything could go wrong at a given time), if it were to save a loved one or a close friend. As far as being able to think and act under pressure I think I could manage pretty well. It’s a hard question to answer unless you are given the opportunity in real life but I think I will go with my first thought, the answer is yes I would.
14. Which house characteristics are most important to you?
Bravery by far but I guess with out intelligence, having bravery could get you in to some pretty sticky situations. Loyalty is also a good trait to have but there’s one house I can’t see any good in and that’s with out a doubt the Slytherin house.
15. What do you look for in a friend?
I look for some one compassionate and some one who isn’t quick to judge. I think I try to picture a few friends that I see my self-laughing with and getting in to mischief with, some one who is not just an acquaintance or a gang but true friends who have fun together, take risks together and are inseparable.
16. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
My study habits, I know I’m a smart girl but I have to work real hard to earn a good grade. I hate it when teachers give you busy work that’s pointless and doesn’t relate to the subject you are reviewing. I like to learn but I like it to be fun.
17. What are your hobbies?
I’m a gymnast. I am on my schools gymnastics team and I work out five days a week, I love it. Gymnastics takes a lot of strength, grace and dedication. One of the endless reasons I enjoy this sport is you take risks and you perform your heart out and I just completely love it. I love anything with adventure and excitement attached to the end of it. I’ve also grown quite fond of photography.
18. If your friend was attacked (by a person, animal, or (in the magic world) beast), what would you do?
I try to defend them by casting an appropriate spell. If they were in immediate medical need I would help them using available sources and surrounding materials. All said and done I would try to stay brave regardless of my fear, because my friend needs me and that’s what counts.
19. What is the one thing you would most like to accomplish?
My Schooling because I would be so proud of my self. Also I would love to earn my Varsity letter but I’m not quite sure if that will happen I would have to work really hard, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up right now.
20. Who is your role model?
I have a few role models. One would be my mom and dad because they made me who I am today, and my mom is a person I want to be just like someday. One Is Hermione Granger because she is compassionate, smart, brave, she stands her grounds and speaks her opinions, everything I try to do and am. Jessica Simpson is also, not so much role model (so don’t take this too seriously), but she is some one I look up to. She’s fun, and she doesn’t care what people think of her, she’s extremely pretty I think, and she’s one of my favorite celebrities. A person I admire (but do not want to be like, Her life was pretty tough) is Marilyn Monroe she was so misunderstood in her time and had a rough child hood but made a name for her self and I admire her for that.
21.What do you want to do for a living in the magical world? Why?
I want to do something with adventure or something that helps people. I really don’t know what I want to be but I want it to be something that combines all my talents and something I look forward to doing everyday. Actually I wouldn’t mind being a Hogwarts professor that would be a rewarding living and in my opinion a great honor.
22. Would you ever use an Unforgivable Curse for any reason?
It all depends on the circumstances of course but no I would not be able to live with my self-knowing I killed someone; I wouldn’t want to live after that.
23. Where did you find out about us? teflon_heart (Tamara//Slytherin)
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